Welcome to the KEV website for the proposed landscaping of two urban land parcels in the Pinecrest Creek and Connaught Park areas.  

Please review the information on this website to learn more about the proposed landscaping plans. Have questions or comments on the proposals? We want to hear from you! Please email us at: 

Comments accepted until April 20, 2020. 

WHAT: Plans have been developed to repurpose nearby excavated soil from LRT construction work. Instead of offsite hauling, the soil would be relocated to these areas. A landscaping plan that incorporates the strategic placement of new berms (earth mounds), tree planting, removal of invasive species, planting of native and diverse vegetation will result in improved drainage, provide a visual barrier, greater privacy and sound buffering. All efforts were made in the development of the landscape plan to keep mature trees, with the exception of one in the Connaught area which will need to be removed due to poor health. However, some tress with a diameter of less than 25cm, other vegetation and invasive species would need to be removed, with new plantings to follow. 

RATIONALE:  A very large quantity of soil must be removed in the area of Connaught Park and Pinecrest in order to accommodate the construction of the west extension of the Light Rail Transit system. In the original plans, KEV was to haul all of this soil away to a landfill. Instead, KEV is proposing to reuse the soil in adjacent vacant land parcels for landscaping. A professional landscape design was developed in adherence with new regulations under the Environmental Protection Act, for the strategic placement of berms using excavated soil to provide aesthetic and practical benefits. Berms will enable slow runoff of water and provide natural, visual interest and privacy. These berms can be strategically created in locations to act as sound and visual buffering.  

HOW: The proposed landscape plan was created to align with new provincial regulations to redevelop and revitalize vacant lands while putting them to good use. Supporting proper management of excess soils, our team will ensure valuable resources don’t go to waste by using the excess soil. New regulation facilitates local beneficial reuse, which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions from soil transportation, while ensuring strong protection of human health, habitats and the environment. 


  • KEV receives public comments and suggestions until April 20,2020 
  • KEV and NCC will review all feedback April 21/22, 2020
  • KEV will incorporate feasible suggestions into the revised FLUDA application for NCC April 23-30, 2020
  • NCC reviews FLUTA application to determine the outcome of the proposal. The duration for this review is approximately two months  

This landscaping proposal is being carried out in addition to already approved Stage 2 West Extension plans. For information on the Stage 2 project, please visit